Tips for Selecting a Stem Cell Doctor

The decision of having a stem cell transplant is not easy. There are many things you have to consider. The common query is the risks associated with a stem cell transplant and the kind of stem cell transplant you will get. However, the most important factor you should check is your doctor because he/she will make a huge difference in your transplant and recovery. Learn more tips on choosing the best regenerative medicine clinic redondo beach.

Check the stem cell harvesting source. You are entitled to know where the stem cells are coming from. The location the stem cells are harvested ought to be FDA approved. If not so, there are chances the efficacy of your treatment will be directly impacted. The doctor you are considering should be ready to issue you with this information. Also, whether they use a donor’s or your cells, they should check the number of living cells the tissue to be used in your transplant has. If the doctor chooses to use your cells, they ought to send them to a third-party’s lab to verify their viability so you are sure the cells can be cultured to manufacture more stem cells.

Ask if they are going to collaborate with your primary care provider. Your stem cell doctor should collaborate with your elementary care physician at every step of the process. This makes sure you receive a continuum of care, a thing that lowers numerous gaps that can occur as far as healthcare is concerned. At the minimum, ensure your stem cell doctor will provide an update on your stem cell transplant as well as recovery.

Inquire about affiliations. To date, stem cell transplantation is a very new aspect of medicine, making many doctors to jump in regardless of them not having specialized training in the sector. Asking a potential stem cell doctor about affiliations will let you know what they know. Check how reputed the association a doctor is affiliated to is because reputable ones give best practices and information about what is new in the field. Being affiliated also shows a doctor’s dedication to learning the newest, meaning their practices offer the best. You can find such doctors at any reputable stem cell treatment redondo beach clinic.

Put experience into account. You should consider a stem cell doctor with some years doing transplants that are similar to yours. You should ask regarding the outcomes of the transplants to know what to expect with yours. The longer the doctor has been doing these transplantations, the more they have seen and will best know the complications that can arise and how to deal with them. Learn more about stem cell and regenerative medicine here:

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